Information About EPP Code And How To Know It

What Is EPP Code?

The EPP Code, in simple term are an authorization code. A code that protect your domain name from unauthorized transfer of domain name registration and ensure your rights as domain owner.It is not possible to initiate a domain name transfer for these domains without an EPP code.

How I Know My EPP Code?

If your domain is registered by HostMop you may know or find the EPP key in My HostMop Client Area. To retrieve it, please do following details,

  1. Login to My HostMop Client Area
  2. Choose My Domain Menu and select "Detail" on your Domain names.
  3. Scroll down and click "Generate EPP Code"
  4. The EPP Code will be shown or sent to your email.

If your domain is NOT registered by HostMop you will need to contact your current registrar to obtain the EPP key before being able to initiate a domain transfer.

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