14 days money back guaranteed

Terms of 14 Days money back policy:

  1. Refund can only be given to each new customer (not previously subscribed to HostMop or HostMop) that uses a shared hosting product
  2. Refund is only for customers who make payment using PayPal / Credit Card.
  3. Customers who have got the approval of refund, shall conduct Cancellation Request from MyHostMop Client Area with these steps:
    1. Login to My HostMop Client Area
    2. Select the "My Services "
    3. Click "Details" on products that will be refunded
    4. Click the button "Request Cancellation"
    5. Select Cancellation Type "Immediate"
    6. Click the button "Request Cancellation"
  4. After a successful customer cancellation requests, the customer must communicate via email regarding the refund to the email address billing@hostmop.com using the email address listed on the account in HostMop
  5. Refund can only be given to payees PayPal account used to pay our services
  6. Refund will be realized 15 working days after the filing of refund approved by HostMop and all refund procedures have been met.

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