Payment methods

If you pay using PayPal, by default, your payment is a one-time payment and will not be taken automatically every month.

  1. Please sign in at
  2. Once signed in, click My Invoices
  3. Click the invoice number and you will see a full page invoice.
  4. In the top right, click Pay Now with PayPal.

You will be directed to to supply the funds, but this information will NOT be saved for future payments.

Make sure your payment is payable to

PayPal Subscription
This is how you can tell PayPal to make your payments automatically. Please understand that HostMop will not be in control over the amount of money you send or when PayPal sends it. If you want the automatic payments to stop, you must cancel the Paypal Subscription.

Please do not subscribe when your payment is late; this will cause all of your payments to be late. Instead, pay one-time and wait until the next invoice to setup the subscription (on time).

You are not able to subscribe unless there is an open invoice.

Make sure your payment is payable to

Bank Wire Transfer
In the payment form, please select your bank. Please transfer the total amount payable to one of our bank accounts stated. Remember to enter the invoice number when you are transferring the money. The transfer within the same bank will take at least a day to process, and different bank will take about two - ten working days. We will send your activation email as soon as we received the money that you transferred.

Bank Mandiri
Swift Code: BEIIIDJA
Account: 1200007122422
Branch: KCP Griya Inti Sentosa

Contact your bank if you need assistance, and please make sure to cover all related charges on your end. Also, ensure that the payment is sent as a bank wire only, and not a ACH, EFT or e-check.

Please make sure to elect to pay any fees your bank charges for the transfer and do not subtract the associated wire fees from your payment to us.

After you have sent payment, please fill out payment confirmation at

In the wire transfer payment notes, please put your invoice number so we can look up your payment easier and get it applied to your account faster.

Please keep in mind it may take a few days for the payment to clear, and we'll apply the payment as soon as possible.

Please also note that bank wire payments are non-refundable. If you request a refund, the payment will be added as credit to your hosting account. You can then use that credit to purchase any other HostMop products or services or to pay your existing hosting bills.

Cash, Check or Money Orders
Make payment to "Imediabiz Pty Ltd" and send via snail mail:

Imediabiz Pty Ltd
Level 20, Tower A, The Zenith
821 Pacific Highway
Sydney NSW 2067

We will apply this payment to your account as soon as we receive it, but not earlier.

Western Union
Using Western Union to pay is acceptable, but not recommended.
Do not send HostMop a test question or require us to verify additional information. If you do, we will not take the WU transfer, and we will permanently ban you from using this form of payment.

You may pay via WU transfer by sending payments of US$100.00 or more to:

Imediabiz Pty Ltd
Level 20, Tower A, The Zenith
821 Pacific Highway
Sydney NSW 2067

Anything less than a US$100 will not be accepted. After your payment has been sent, please email with the following information:

What is the Money Transfer Control Number? (MTCN)
What is the EXACT dollar amount sent? (Do not send less than $100 or we will not take it.)
What is your first name?
What is your last name?
What is your middle name?
What is your telephone number?
What city is the money sent from?
What state is the money sent from?
What Country is the money sent from?

Make sure you email with all of the above information. If you are an existing client, please include your domain name with us in the email. If you are a new client looking to get your account setup, please include the plan you want, desired username, domain and password.

We are very sorry we must be so strict with Western Union payments, but we cannot accept payments below $100. Also note that these payments are non-refundable. If you request a refund, the payment will be added as credit to your hosting account.

Past Due Invoices
We allow you ten days to pay any past due invoices. If an invoice is not paid within ten days after we create it, your account will be suspended and a late fee 5% from your total invoice will be added. You will have an additional ten days to pay all open invoices before your account may be terminated.

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