Upgrade/downgrade hosting package

Can I do upgrade?

Yes you can:

  1. Simple Hosting => Simple Hosting
  2. Simple Hosting => Complete Hosting
  3. Complete Hosting => Complete Hosting
  4. Reseller Hosting => Reseller Hosting
  5. VPS Hosting => VPS Hosting

I have a grandfathered hosting package, can I upgrade it to the current hosting package?

Not all grandfathered hosting package can be upgraded to our current hosting package. These are the list of old hosting packages that can be upgraded:

  1. P-25MB hosting packages can be upgraded to S-1GB or S-Unlimited or C-1GB or C-Unlimited
  2. P-250MB hosting packages can be upgraded to C-1GB or C-Unlimited
  3. P-2.5GB hosting packages can be upgraded to C-Unlimited

For all other hosting packages, clients need to wait until their billing cycle about to expired or contact us to let us know that you want to change to another products. If you need the hosting packages ASAP, you need to order a new hosting package (no upgrades). These are the steps that you need to do:

  1. Do Order. Do process order to upgrade hosting package by sending email to sales@hostmop.com with email subject "Upgrade/Downgrade HostMop Hosting Packages". In your email please put your details such as:
    1. Domain name:
    2. Current hosting package:
    3. Hosting package you want to upgrades to:
    4. Billing cycle:
  2. Payment. After ordering proccess, our Billing Department will issue an invoice to change your hosting package to your email. Please make payment to activate your hosting account.

How do I upgrade using MyHostMop Client Area?

  1. Login to MyHostMop Client Area
  2. Click My Services
  3. Choose the hosting package you want to upgrade, click Details
  4. Click Upgrade/Downgrade Package
  5. Choose the package you want to upgrade/downgrade your current package, Click to Continue

Will there any fees to upgrade?

There are no upgrade fees or additional charges to upgrade. You will be charged the difference in package price only.

When you place an upgrade order, you will be refunded what you haven't used of the current cycle on the existing product/service and then charged for the remainder of the cycle at the new product/services price. The next due date doesn't change.

Old Package
Price per day * Number of days until next due date = Amount credited

New Package
Price per day * Number of days until next due date = Amount debited

Amount debited - Amount credited = Total payable today

This formula will be run by our system automatically.

Can I get a refund for downgrading?

When you do downgrade, your payment will be diluted and no refund will be given.

Why can't I downgrade from Complete Hosting to Simple Hosting?

Not all hosting package can be downgraded. This is happen because:

  1. It might use different server or data center
  2. There are features that are not compatible with the new package

Can I upgrade from reseller hosting to dedicated server?

Upgrades/downgrades from different type of hosting cannot be done via client area (e.g. reseller hosting to VPS, vps to dedicated server etc) because:

  1. It might use different server or data center
  2. There are features that are not compatible with the new package

I can't upgrade or downgrade because of the rules above? What should I do?

Order a new hosting package. If you are not sure, please contact sales@hostmop.com

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