When are you going to activate my account?

These are approximately how long standard* order need to be activated, after your funds is cleared and verified. Every order is checked for fraud and there may be delays if our system requires we manually verify your account before accepting your order:

  1. Standard Hosting maximum 2 hours
  2. Complete Hosting maximum 2 hours
  3. Domain name maximum 2 hours
  4. Reseller Hosting maximum 2 hours
  5. VPS maximum 2 hours
  6. Dedicated Server maximum 72 hours
  7. SSL Certificate - maximum 2 hours

All transaction will be processed during working hours.

*Non-standard installation included but not limited to:

  1. Adding upgrades (space, bandwidth, ip address, etc)
  2. Adding application (application that is not readily available by us)
  3. Data migration
  4. Data restoration
  5. Documents needed (e.g. to register .id or .au domains, you required some paperworks)
  6. Custom made order

For .id might need more time to process because of documents needed, it might need 1 working day in order to process after the documents are verified and accepted by us.

If you are paying by bank transfer/wire transfer, it usually processed at working hour, as our billing team need to verified it on our banking transaction. We cannot process any bank/wire transaction outside working hours.

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